Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis
Finance And Banking Diploma Program


To become a third diploma study program in the field of Banking and Finance with the identity of defending the state and being competitive at the national level in 2020.


  1. Organizing education and teaching in the field of Banking and Finance that is quality oriented in accordance with the needs of the community who use graduates and the development of information technology and participate actively in development
  2. Carrying out applied research for scientific development in Banking and Finance and providing alternative solutions
  3. Carrying out community service based on local wisdom to improve the economic welfare of the community as a form of active participation in development
  4. Developing global quality education management based on good governance and responsive to change
  1. Graduated on time, have the competence, and have a minimum average GPA of 3.05
  2. All graduates are able to operate information technology.
  3. Have a minimum Test of English for Foreign Language (TOEFL) score
  4. The waiting period for graduates is ≤ 3
  1. Analyst
  2. Credit / Financing administration analyst.
  3. Operational Analyst
  4. Product development analyst
  5. Financial and tax accounting analyst
  6. Office administration analyst